Welcome to the new website!

Shift Worker, as you can see, now has a new website! We’ve moved to a more dynamic backend to allow more frequent updates, a better support process and more comprehensive information about Shift Worker for iPhone. The old one worked well for a while but suffered a little from lack of updates and detail. The new blog will be used to outline new releases and update notes along with any new information that may interest you as a user of Shift Worker. Hope you like it! :)


  1. Daniel Murphy

    Just wondering when you will release a shift worker for an iPad?

  2. Travis

    My wife and I have the iphone shiftworkerapp
    Is there anyway to make it work through th cloud!! This would be huge for us to share the calendar simultaneously.

    Please. Thx

    1. admin

      Hi Travis, that’s definitely planned for the future!

  3. Dan

    Morning guys,

    I’ve had shiftworker on my iPhone for sometime now and must say I love it, it’s my saving grace apart from when my days off are cancelled and the I despise looking at it!

    One thing that this app is lacking massively is synchronisation through all iOS devices but also to Mac too. To have a desktop based version of the calendar which is useable and changeable would be a massive step for you. I have an MBP, an iPhone and I share an iPad with my OH who also owns an iPhone. To be able to sync all these together would be incredible.

    Maybe food for thought as the market is there begging for something like this.

    Thanks and great work so far, just need that extra step now to make it ├╝ber impressive!



  4. Alex

    I have the app and it is awesome, i would add; Changing months by swiping would be great and make it compatible with calendar

  5. Dione

    Agreed, please make your app for the iPad, synched with the iPhone version so I can have it on both. It would be EXTREMELY useful. I see there is a major upgrade happening and I hope that’s it!
    I’ve used your app for two years and love it, it’s made my life much easier to keep track of.

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