Creating your Shifts

Before you start adding shifts to the calendar, use the Shift Manager option in the Settings area to create each shift type. This will allow you to create shifts by selecting numbers/characters (optional), a description, an icon and the start and end times.

Add or Remove Shifts from the Calendar

Once you have created your shifts, you can add them to the calendar by selecting the Edit Calendar button which will open up the selector bar. Tap on the shift you would like to add, then tap on the date to have it added to the calendar. To remove a shift, simply tap any date on the calendar again and confirm your deletion.

Add or Remove Notes from the Calendar

Select the Edit Calendar button to open up the selector bar, then click on the Notes tab to the right. Tap on the note you would like to add, then tap on the date to have it added to the calendar.  Enter the note text in the popup window and tap OK. To edit or remove a note, simply tap any date on the calendar again and confirm your option.

Add Rotations to the Calendar

To add a rotation, open up the Shift Rotations option in the Settings menu, then tap on Create a new rotation. Enter the length of a rotation (for example, 4 days on, 4 days off would be an 8 day rotation, so select 1 week + 1 day to total 8 days). Add your shifts into the appropriate slots (using the above example, fill in the first 4 slots and leave the rest blank), then save the rotation.  Go back to the calendar and tap on the Edit button, then select Add Shift Rotations.  Select your rotation from the menu, then select the start and end dates of the rotation and tap on the Apply button. That’s it! Once you set up your rotation you can apply it again in the future in a few seconds.

Share the Calendar

To save a copy of the calendar to your background, tap on the Share button, then tap Save to Background. You can also email a copy of your calendar by tapping Send Email or share your shifts via Facebook or Twitter using the appropriate options.

Sending a Calendar File

If you email your shifts, you can also choose to send a file attachment. Choose whether or not to include notes and email your shifts. The recipient will be able to open the shifts in the app if they have Shift Worker installed.

Importing a Calendar File

If you have been emailed shifts that include a file attachment, select the attachment and choose “Open with Shift Worker”. Shift Worker will then load and ask you to choose which calendar you would like to import into. Choose the appropriate calendar, or create a new one. You will then be able to swap between calendars by using the calendars icon from the monthly view.

Any other questions?

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